Short Bio

Premik, a composer, arranger, producer and an accomplished multi-instrumentalist performs on various flutes, soprano, alto and tenor saxophones, wind synthesizers, and lap steel guitar.

Premik has worked with everyone from Carlos Santana, Whitney Houston, Herbie Hancock, John McLaughlin, Ravi Shankar, Narada Michael Walden, Clarence Clemons, Ornette Coleman, Jackson Browne, Jean-Luc Ponty, Lonnie Liston-Smith, Scarlet Riveria, James Taylor, Sting and Lady Gaga just to name a few. He is equally adept in pop, R&B, jazz, world and experimental genres.

Brief Highlights ~ Recent Years

Premik’s May of 2008 schedule led him to perform in Sting's Rainforest Foundation Fund benefit concert Some Kinda Legacy at Carnegie Hall followed by extensive touring with Russian legend Boris Grebenshikov beginning in London at the Royal Albert Hall, continuing on to Dublin, Kiev, Milan, Moscow, St. Petersburg, ending the year in Vienna. In 2008 he accompanied both Ravi Shankar and his daughter Anoushka Shankar on tamboura at the Kimmell Center in Philadelphia and on various occassions in 2009 he accompanied on flute and saxophone the contemporary Rabindrasangeet vocalist Rezwana Chowdhury Banya. May of 2009 brought Premik to California for the Narada Michael Walden Foundation, Let the Sunshine In benefit concert. May of 2010 Premik played at Carnegie Hall in the The Rainforest Fund's 21st Birthday Celebration Benefit Concert. June of 2010 Premik performed at Sting & Trudie Styler’s NYC apartment (private dinner- fund raiser) following the Jazz at Lincoln Center performance of Twin Spirits, a celebration of composer Robert Schumann’s 200th birthday.

Premik took part in several workshop/performances, January 2011 in Bangalore, India titled Cornucopia of Groove with tabla master Ustad Kadar Khan and trumpeter, Joe Kaminski and young sitar master Deepsankar Bhattacharjee.

November 2011, Premik toured with renowned Indian vocalist and 2011 Grammy nominee, Chandrika Tandon, in Fairfield, Iowa and Boulder, Colorado along with bansuri master Steve Gorn.

Premik completed the original music composition and arrangement for Vinit Parmar’s award winning documentary Living River.. in 2011. The Ganges, the iconic river of India supports 400 million people everyday. Volunteers clean the river only to find the river is still polluted. This poignant film tells their story, following the journey of hope to the death and cancers that follow,

2011-2012 Premik, along with the talented young composer Andrew Cass, assisted in co-writing and arranging the music for Princess K.I.M. The Musical. It was the first place winner of the 2012 National New Play Festival at the Caryl Crane Children's Theater in Huron, Ohio and was awarded a full production in Ohio in April 2013 (date to come). Then in the Fall of 2013 the Premier Performance will be held at the Amato Center for the Performing Arts in Milford, NH on Oct 3-6, 2013.

In March of this year, 2012, Premik was invited to perform at Carnegie Hall as a guest soloist in the world premiere of composer Karl Jenkins' latest work 'The Peacemakers in which he played bansuri (Indian bamboo flute), tin whistle and celtic flute.

In April, Premik was once again invited to perform at Carnegie Hall in the 2012 Revlon Concert For The Rainforest Fund featuring Sting, Elton John, James Taylor, Meryl Streep, Jennifer Hudson, Bruno Mars, Katharine Mcphee, Bryn Terfel, Rosanne Cash and Vince Gill.

In 2010, Premik met mandolin maestro Snehasish Mozumder and was immediately enthralled with his unique & electrifying approach to East/West fusion music. His compositions are challenging to play (odd time signatures, fast riffs galore) but fun! The interesting instrumentation of his band Snehasish Mozumder & SOM (which means "sound of mandolin") consists of: double neck mandolin, 2 saxes, tablas & dhol (Indian drums), drums, bass, keyboard. Premik played with SOM In the Battle of the Boroughs: Manhattan, June 2012, with this band being honored as the band representing global music to compete among five other bands of different music genres in the Ultimate Battle.

Recent Recordings

In 2012 Premik recorded with 2011 Grammy nominee vocalist and composer Chandrika Krishnamurthy Tandon.

Recording projects in 2010-2012 with grammy award-winning producer and founder of Windham Hill Records Will Ackerman include albums by Fiona Jay Hawkins, Shambhu, Dean Boland, Rebecca Harrold, Ronnda Cadle and Masako.

Premik and Uli Geissendoerfer will soon be releasing their own collaborative duo CD titled Passport to Happyness.

Extended Bio

Early Background: Premik,.. (pronounced pray-meek) was born Russell Wayne Tubbs in Croton-on-Hudson, New York. His dad, Harold "Harry" Tubbs was a trumpet/flugelhorn player as well as big band arranger. He is well remembered for these latter abilities in John Coltrane's 1957 classic album The Winner's Circle which was re-released on CD in 2007. He began Premik on piano and music theory at the age of six with simultaneous exposure to a wide array of musical styles by way of various jazz and classical concerts of the day.

Most Influential Teachers: Joe Allard, Ornette Coleman, Sri Chinmoy

1974,1975: Premik joined with John McLaughlin in the making of the album Visions of the Emerald Beyond, Mahavishnu Orchestra. This involved tours of Europe and the U.S. The U.S. tour proved a remarkable pairing up of both Mahavishnu and the Jeff Beck Group where he worked alongside Jean-Luc Ponty, bassist Ralph Armstrong and Narada Michael Walden on drums.

1975, 1978, 1980: Premik was invited by Carlos Santana to play the Planetary Celebration held at Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, NY which included such artists as Santana, James Taylor, Pete Seeger and John McLaughlin. Carlos had finished his first solo album for Columbia, entitled Oneness: Silver Dreams, Golden Reality, and Premik joined him on a six-week European tour as part of an opening act for the Santana Band called Devadip Oneness.

In a follow-up landmark album titled The Swing of Delight, Herbie Hancock was invited as co-arranger and co-musical director. Now working in collaboration was Premik, Wayne Shorter, Tony Williams, Ron Carter and Carlos Santana along with various Santana band members. In addition to performing throughout the album Premik aided in arrangements of several of the tunes.

1983-1985: Premik played with Lonnie Liston-Smith, jazz keyboardist with the highly successful album Dreams of Tomorrow. Premik was chosen as Smith's saxophonist/flutist for the next two years of touring and recording, playing at venues throughout the U.S., Great Britain, and the Montreaux Jazz Festival. During this time, Premik recorded on two of Lonnie's albums: Silhouettes and Rejuvenation with the great bassist Cecil McBee.

1986-Present:In February 1986, Premik, along with guitarist Shambhu Neil Vineberg formed a duo which they called Equinox. After releasing their self-titled CD, they toured Europe in the summer of that year, as well as throughout the Pacific Northwest, including Seattle, Victoria and Vancouver. They continued performing regularly together into the early nineties. 2008-2009, Equinox reunited to perform at the Songs of the Soul concert series in New York, Seattle and Vancouver. In 2010 Premik joined in the making of Shambhu Neil Vineberg's album Scared Love produced by Windham Hill Records founder Will Ackerman and Shambhu. Premik continues to work on projects with Will Ackerman

1991-1994: Premik teamed up with violinist Scarlet Rivera who is best known for her violin work with Bob Dylan. They performed together at numerous venues throughout the east coast, including The Turning Point and Tarrytown Music hall, where they opened for Spyro Gyra. That same year, Premik formed the band Dreams That Fly, a 9 piece east/west ensemble that performed throughout the NYC area, as well as the Pacific Northwest. The band continued to perform through the end of 1994.

1995: Premik performed with India's great violinist, Dr L. Subramanium at the opening of his new work Global Symphony. Premik has also been featured on soprano sax, flute and wind synthesizer in Subramanium's Global Fusion tours throughout India and the U.S.

1996-2004:1996 Premik performed in NYC with Julie Lyonn Lieberman, a great jazz violinist. In 2004 Premik was part of a Serbia/ Macedonia tour taking him to Belgrade and Bor (Serbia), Novi Sad, Nis, Skopje and Ohrid (Macedonia).

1999: Premik joined with Clara Ponty for an ECHOES radio program Living Room concert (August 20, 1999) highlighting her album Live Embrace.

1994-Present: Premik joined composer Carman Moore's Skymusic Ensemble, performing Moore's epic work Mass for the 21st Century that summer as part of Lincoln Center's Out-Of-Doors concert series. Premik has participated in numerous performances with this ensemble at various venues in NYC including St. John the Divine, Central Park, and the UN to name but a few. He remains a member to date. Premik will soon be featured in Moore's latest work, Concerto for Ornette and Orchestra, which in its world premier will also feature Ornette Coleman as guest soloist.

In 2004, Premik had released his own album, Mission Transcendence, a soulful melding of East /West, jazz and world styles. Previous solo releases include Transformation-Dawn, Run to Tomorrow's Sun, A New World of Peace and Endless Energy, Sleepless Speed.

In 2004, Premik had released his own album, Mission Transcendence, a soulful melding of East /West, jazz and world styles. Previous solo releases include Transformation-Dawn, Run to Tomorrow's Sun, A New World of Peace and Endless Energy, Sleepless Speed.

2005-2007: Premik toured in 2005 with Kristin Hoffmann opening for Jakob Dylan and the Wallflowers. As a guest instrumentalist, Premik joined with The Distaff Deluxe Tour of 2007 performing throughout Sweden in Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö, Lund, Örebro, Norrköping, Uppsala and Linköping with singers Asa Rydman, and Wendy Starland. US born Wendy Starland combines rock, soul, and world music. She has a voice that reminds listeners of Macy Gray. Åsa Rydman's music is artistic mainstream and she has performed extensively in the U.S. and Europe.

2005-Present: Joined in performances of Mahvishnu Project at IMAC in Huntington NY, Sara Lawrence College, Makor and Le Poisson Rouge in NYC, NJ Prog House, and more.

2008: In January of 2008, Premik aired in an ECHOES Living Room concert with the chamber version of David Belmont’s Wind Water Ensemble (Michael Walsh on keyboards, Jerry McCord on bass, and Premik Tubbs on saxello, wind synth and lap steel guitar). There are 150 radio stations in the ECHOES network.

2007-2008: Premik performed in 2007 with the British band Radio Massacre International as a guest artist along with violinist Cyndee Lee Rule at Orion Sound Studios in Baltimore, MD and again at NEARfest 2008 at Zoellner Arts Center, Bethlehem, PA. Live recording.

Premik, in conjunction with jazz pianist Uli Geissendoerfer heads Bangalore Breakdown, an exciting, world music ensemble. They just released their first CD, titled Diary, in 2008. In the words of noted Jazz author Bill Milkowski: Is it world music? Is it jazz? Is it some kind of new uncategorizable fusion that hasn’t yet been labeled? Whatever you call the music on Diary, it is undeniably heartfelt expression coming from a very genuine place. “I’ve played it to friends of mine who have heard me in more tame settings or even with the Mahavishnu Project, which is music that they recognize,” says Premik. “And they listen and say, ‘This is like a flavor of ice cream I’ve never tasted before.’”And who doesn’t like ice cream?

In October of 2009 Pratyavartana, a collaboration album by Premik Russell Tubbs and Steve Booke was released. Pratyavartana is Sanskrit for 'homeward journey.'

2009: Held October 23, 2009 the Tribute to Peacekeeping concert was an event held at the UN to pay homage to UN peacekeepers who serve some of the most victimized populations in the most dangerous places on earth. Musicians from around the world (John McLaughlin, Salman Ahmad with Samir Chatterjee, Aterciopelados, Harry Belafonte, Roberta Flack, Emmanuel Jal, Angelique Kidjo, Sister Fa and Zakir Hussain), joined together in this effort to spur dialogue in the international community. Preceding the event on October 22, 2009, joined with J. Eric Johnson on piano, Premik was honored to perform during the Tribute to Peacekeeping pre-concert cocktail hour, plus a flute solo as prelude to the evening program.

Extended List-Recording Credits: With Carlos Santana "The Swing of Delight" (Also co-writer and co-arranger along with Herbie Hancock), With Whitney Houston "How Will I Know" (1 single from the album, "Whitney Houston") Also, "Love is A Contact Sport" from the album "Whitney," With Regina Belle "Baby, Come to Me," from the album "Stay with Me," With Clarence Clemons & Jackson Browne. "You’re a Friend of Mine" from the album "Hero," With John McLaughlin, "Visions of the Emerald Beyond", With Narada Micheal Walden "The Garden of Love-Light" and "I Cry, I Smile," With Lonnie Liston Smith "Rejuvenation" and "Silhouettes," With Jermaine Stewart "We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off (To Have a Good Time)" and "Don't Ever Leave Me", both from the album "Frantic Romantic," With Yoko Ogimone "The Verge of Love", With Shambhu Neil Vineberg "Equinox", With Edgar Patterson Mills "Buddha on Mars", With Kristin Hoffman "Real", "The Waking" (produced by Michael Whalen), With Uli Geissendoerfer & Bangalore Breakdown "Diary", With Boris Grebenshikov "White Horse", With Greg Bendian & Mahavishnu Project "Return to the Emerald Beyond", Ursel Schlicht. Off-Broadway soundtrack "Playing with Heiner Müller" .

Premik is listed in THE HISTORY OF TOP 40 SAXOPHONE SOLOS 1955-2005 -by John Laughter & Steve D. Marshall.

Extended List - Artists whom Premik has worked with: Carlos Santana, Whitney Houston, Herbie Hancock, John McLaughlin, Ravi Shankar, Larry Coryell, Jeff Beck, Sting, Billy Joel, James Taylor, Narada Michael Walden, Gil Goldstein, Jean-Luc Ponty, Clara Ponty, Ornette Coleman, Wayne Shorter, Jaco Pastorius, Stanley Clarke, George Duke, Lonnie Liston-Smith, Tony Williams, Ron Carter, Regina Belle, Jermaine Stewart, Carl Lewis, Brenda Russell, Clarence Clemons & other members of the E Street Band, Jackson Browne, Pete Seeger, Harry Chapin, Don McLean, Cecil McBee, Harvey Mason, T.M. Stevens, Anoushka Shankar, L. Subramanium, L. Shankar, Trilok Gurtu, Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, Colin Walcott (& members of the group OREGON), Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band, Mike Love of the Beach Boys, Sting. Lady Gaga. James Taylor, Carman Moore & Skymusic Ensemble, Daisy Jopling, CharlesBurnham, J. Eric Johnson, Andy Narell, Vasant Rai, Scarlet Rivera, Shambhu Neil Vineberg, Edgar Patterson Mills, Anna Dagmar, Kristin Hoffmann, Uli Geissendoerfer & Bangalore Breakdown, Steve Gorn, Boris Grebenshikov & Aquarium, Greg Bendian & Mahavishnu Project, Ursel Schlicht.

Performing groups and soon to be released recordings: Bangalore Breakdown (perform as full 8 to 10 piece ensemble - or fewer for small stage venues); "Pratyavartana" a meditation album w/ Steve Booke; "Eternal Bliss" is the working title for the album w/ pianist Anna Dagmar, sitarist Ikhlaq Hussain and tabla maestro Naren Budhakar; The Light Riders a performing quartet featuring keyboardist Neil Alexander, percussionist Todd Isler, and bassist Nathan Peck.

Film Credits: Premik has composed original music for the following short films: Cultural Baggage - Comedy, directed by Frank Chindamo, Winner, Gold Hugo Award, Intercom Film Festival in Chicago and Golden Eagle Award, Council on International Non-Theatrical Events, 1995, Woodlands of the Pacific Northwest - NYU student film, directed by Jim Brown, The Inner Runner - Sports Documentary, directed by Steven Schecter, Triathlon - Sports documentary directed by Steven Schecter, Read My Lips - Comedy, directed by Joe Giardano, Halsey/Garside - Corporate training film, directed by Martha Keys for Something-In-Common, Logican Group - Overview, directed by Edgar Mills of Northrup/Grumann Corporation, Sign Of The Times - Comedy, directed by Joe Giardano for "Something-In-Common", Spirit of a Runner - Sports documentary, directed by Jessie-Beers Altman, Butterfly Screams- Art film, directed by Mumtaz Hussain.

Fashion Show- Live music for L’Oreal product release, Chelsea Art Museum, aprox. 250 in attendance

2009 Off-Broadway:"Coming of Age in Korea" -flute, soprano and tenor saxophone, "The Task"- performed on tenor & soprano saxophones, EWI, lap steel guitar
2010 Off-Broadway "Playing with Heiner Müller" - sax, flute & lap steel guitar

Additional Areas of Focus: Compose music for: Film (Live Action & Animation), Designer Runway Fashion Shows, Art Exhibitions, TV &/or Radio, Corporate Videos, Dance Companies, Broadway & Off Broadway, Special Occasions.

Recording Studio: A small facility located in Queens, New York. Home to many successful projects produced by Premik.

Music Lessons, Workshops & Speaking Engagements.

Premik gives new meaning to world music a multi-instrumentalist who is instrumentally multilingual. Music IS language.

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